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What is theGreen PolkaDot Box?

More and more people are becoming aware of the health benefits of eating a diet of natural and organic foods. Unfortunately, they may find that the high cost and scarcity of these foods put such a diet somewhere between difficult and impossible.

Enter the Green PolkaDot Box. Don't have an organic food store or farmer's market in your city? Not a problem. Can't afford the high price of natural, non-GMO foods? We've got you covered.

The Green PolkaDot Box sells natural and organic, non-GMO foods at wholesale prices, and delivers them directly to your doorstep. We carry hundreds of your favorite brands, and we even offer fresh meat and dairy products. We offer a lowest price guarantee on all the items in our inventory, and free shipping on orders over $75.

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The Aquasana Water Filtering Systems

For about eight months now, we have been buying bottled water as our sink top or counter top water filtering system had used up its filter. We tried to order another but could not find the company that we originally purchased the water filter from. So,  We did some research on water filtering systems and discovered the Aquasana system. This system looked a lot better than the one we had and the priced was right. The counter water filtering unit was only $79.00 and replacement filters are around $50.00. These can last up to six months or a year depending on how much water you consume. The filters are rated for around 450 gallons or more.

The total price we paid for our system was $139.00 which included the counter filter system and one extra set of filters. The great thing about Aquasana is, they are manufactured right here in Texas and have a 90 day trial period where you can return the product for a full refund!

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The Best Water Filtering Systems

Healthy Water

Quality home water filtration is one of the best investments we can make in our health.

There is a surprising connection between the quality of our water and healthful longevity. There are many health benefits of increasing the amount and quality of the water we drink. All over the world and throughout time, wherever you find the healthiest, most contaminant-free water, you find the healthiest, most vibrant civilizations.

Once we understand that the body is more than 70% water and that water controls virtually every aspect of our health, we can begin to understand its true importance. Not just the water we drink, but the water that we shower in… cook with… prepare juices, teas and coffee with… affects our health significantly. Water is the foundation of the body, and, like any structure, if the foundation is of poor quality, strength and longevity will not be achieved.

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Bikini Model CookbookThe Bikini Model CookBook

Hey ladies, I’m here to tell you that there are no secrets to getting your best bikini body, but there is one constant— a constant the “experts” and “gurus” don’t want you to know. A constant that just might just be the secret you’re missing to get that lean, toned body you’ve always dreamed of.

The secret isn’t a pill, a powder, or a potion; it’s eating clean food. Until now clean eating used to mean plain tasteless chicken breasts or piles of artificial sweetener or flavoring.

What I’m going to tell you in this short article may surprise you because a lot of the “clean eating” you’ve been exposed to could be causing you nasty side effects like bloating, headaches, irritability and others that stem from a DAMAGED REGION OF THE BRAIN CALLED THE HYPOTHALAMUS.

Before I get into that, allow me to tell you a bit about my journey: how I suffered from some of these symptoms, sought out the best medical care in North America, and finally found the solution.

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 The Foods You Love...Transformed

Finally, eating ultra-low carb doesn’t have to be bland and boring.We’ve transformed your favorite foods. They’ll transform your body.

Transforming Recipes: The Ultra-Low Carb Edition is the ultimate low-carb cookbook for any diet. 116 mouthwatering ultra-low carb recipes designed to burn fat, build muscle, and get you lean.

Lose Up To 30 Pounds Eating Cheeseburgers, Bacon, And Pancakes!

 These 116 Awesome Ultra-Low Carb Recipes Are Guaranteed to Give You The Lean, Tight Body You’ve Always Wanted!

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Candida the epidemicCandida it's an Epidemic

Primarily created by the Process Food Industries

  Candida is a genus of yeasts and is currently the most common cause of fungal infections worldwide.[1] Many species are harmless commensals or endosymbionts of hosts including humans; however, when mucosal barriers are disrupted or the immune system is compromised they can invade and cause disease.[2] Candida albicans is currently the most commonly isolated species, and can cause infections (candidiasis or thrush) in humans and other animals. In winemaking, some species of Candida can potentially spoil wines.[3]

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Jumping for A Cure - Ryland Berg

Help Us Cure Heart Disease

I'm joining millions of others to help save lives with the American Heart Association! At my school, I'm learning how I can help make a difference by raising lifesaving donations to help kids with heart disease. I'm also learning about my own heart, and how to keep it healthy. And I'm getting active!

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Demon Weed Poison ivy!

The State of California pays workmen's compensation for outbreaks caused by it; almost 90% of the population is sensitive to it. What common plant could cause so much misery? Poison ivy!

Most people have suffered an outbreak of the rash in their lifetime. And if it seems that you or someone in your family has had more frequent bouts of the itchy skin rash, it could be because poison ivy has become more prevasive in our everyday environment. The plant is thriving because of the increase in carbon dioxide in the air. Poison ivy can be found growing up the trunks of trees, as well as alongside hiking and biking trails. It is in our backyards and alleys and in our flower beds.

The whole problem with this plant is urushiol oil. This oil is released when the plant is cut, crushed, or burned. Research has shown that this oil can remain active on clothes, gloves and tools for as long as five years!

Poison Ivy can look lovely with reddish-brown leaves on new growth in the spring and dying leaves in the fall. But the plant remains toxic, even in winter, when its leaves have fallen off.

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Understanding Cholesterol  in Your Body

Knowing your cholesterol level is a step in the right direction toward keeping your cardiovascular system in good working order. It is important to know your total cholesterol number, which doctors would like us to keep under 200. There are two kinds of cholesterol in our blood. One is bad and one is good. Let's clarify what is bad and what is good.

LDL Cholesterol is BAD!!! LDL stands for Low Density Cholesterol. Some people think this means it is good. It is not. Think of it as fluffy, sticky marshmallow cream that floats through your bloodstream, sticking to your artery walls. If this happens, it can cause clogged arteries, heart attack, blood clots and stroke. Get the picture?

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