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Burleson Home yeps it hauntedThe Burleson House, Yep It's Haunted

Burleson House, (located at 1206 West Main Street in Waxahachie, Texas), was the original headquarters of T.W. Burleson & Son's Pure Honey (a family-owned business), which was established  in 1907 by Thomas William Burleson.

 Today, Burleson's Honey has a reputation for being one of the top ten honey brands in the United States and the oldest and largest honey packer in the Southwest. The house was built in 1915 and it is said to be haunted by several long-departed ghosts from its past.

When the new owners, (Angel and Kimberly Quintero) moved into the home, it suddenly became obvious to them that they were not alone. Door knobs would turn with deliberation, doors would creak open and slam shut with force by unseen entities, phantom footsteps would be heard distinctly walking up the stairs in the middle of the night, and shadowy silhouettes would appear beneath doorways when no one was home. In fact, many of these encounters soon became common place and it was no longer unusual to walk dead center into an unexplainable cold spot that chills you to the bone. In fact, the Owners soon realized that several spirits resided in the home, which they later surmised were:  an old gray-haired lady on the swing, a younger distressed woman, a little blond girl, a teen-aged boy named Billy and a tall, slim man who smoked cigars. 

Without question, one can only feel privileged and honored to be a part of such a rich heritage in owning this magnificent old house, and we would like to share some of the extraordinary ghostly phenomena that has occurred in the home. So, please feel free to explore the website and read about the Old Lady on the Swing, the Doppelganger and many other experiences that took place in the home. 


Burleson House was built in 1915 in Ellis County, Waxahachie, Texas. This historic 2-story, single family residence is 3000 square feet and sits on almost an acre lot. It features a fireplace, 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths, a living area, formal dining room, kitchen and sun-room. There is a also guest house located behind the property, as well as an old "bee room" that was used to store honey, since the home was the original headquarters of T.W and Son's Burleson Honey Company.

The current residents, (Angel and Kimberly Quintero), moved into the home on Saturday, October 29, 2011 during the weekend of Halloween and later assumed ownership of the property in December 2013. When they first viewed the home, they were aware of its rich heritage as the original headquarters of the family-owned honey company. But, they had no idea, until they actually moved into the residence, that the house was haunted.

Almost immediately after moving into the home, strange things started to occur: lights flickering on and off, doors slamming shut when there was no one else in the room, unusual cold spots, the distinctive smell of cigar smoke in the stairwell, items temporarily going missing, only to show up in places you know you hadn’t placed them. Often times, the family could not help but sense that they were not alone in the house, because it always felt as though they were constantly being watched by unseen eyes. Conversations took place in whispers by invisible spectors, and the sound of distinct footsteps trailed closely behind you when no one else was around. Although the Owners were always fascinated by the typical ghost story and watched stories of hauntings on television, they never expected (in their wildest dreams) that their home would be haunted. But, they soon came to realize that they were sharing their new home with long, lost souls from the home's extraordinary past.

In fact, it became fairly customary to hear strange sounds in the night: stairs creaking, the sound of heavy footsteps, knocking on the windows, or cabinet doors opening and closing on their own. Even the dogs were affected by the odd occurrences on the property. They howled every night for weeks, as if they were being summoned by invisible spirits parading aound the grounds in the dark. Not known for fighting, they would occasionally attack one another, as though something was purposely baiting them. There were even a few instances when the dogs were freed from their leashes to run loose, or released and then chained to opposite leashes by an invisible force, as if someone or something was trying to make their presence known.

There were so many strange happenings that couldn’t go unnoticed in the home. Having lights turn on right before your eyes after you instinctively turned them off only seconds later,could readily be shrugged off to the imagination or faulty wiring. But, the constant, unmistakable chill which engulfed the entire downstairs, as well as the stairwell that led to the second floor could not be so easily explained. It also became common practice to venture downstairs to the kitchen in the middle of the night only to repeatedly find it freezing cold with all of the cabinet doors wide open. How is it possible for the temperature outside to be above 85 degrees and yet, when you walk into the house from outdoors, you feel as though you have just walked into a freezer, especially when the thermostat to the central cooling unit is turned off completely? And that was just the beginning of the odd occurences that happened in the home.


Woman in Distress

There is a young female presence often felt in the upstairs master bedroom and adjacent living area. She is extremely attractive with dark, shoulder-length hair similar in style to the way women wore their hair in the sixties. She always appears to be in distress, as though she is frantically in search of something. She is believed to be the same presence that the Owner frequently felt standing over her as she slept. The Woman in Distress is also believed to be the entity that awakened the Owner from a deep sleep one night to urge her to wake up, by whispering frantically three times in her ear the words, "Go check on your daughter." When the Owner reluctantly forced herself to awaken and go to her daughter's room, she quickly learned that her diabetic child's glucose level had dropped so low in the night that she may not have awakened the next morning. If it had not been for the insistence of the female ghost, the Owner's daughter may not be alive today.

There was another time when the Owners were sleeping in the master bedroom upstairs and they were both awakened around 3:00am to the frantic sound of a woman screaming for help. The screams were so palpable that they both leaped out of bed and ran to the windows to figure out where the cries were coming from. As they peered through the blinds, they clearly heard the screams again. The woman sounded as though she was in severe agony and pain. Mr. Quintero hurriedly slipped on his pants, and rushed downstairs out the front door and onto the front lawn. He looked all around the house and down the street, but there was no one in sight. The Owners even called the police department to investigate the matter. But, when the police arrived and searched the premises and neighboring homes, there was no evidence to support that a woman was in any danger in the area. They even drove around the neighborhood shining their bright lights into the windows of homes in an effort to locate a perpetrator on the loose and a female victim in distress, but to no avail.

After all the commotion ended, the Quinteros finally decided to retire again for the evening. As they sat there for a moment processing everything that happened, they couldn't help but wonder if the sounds they heard actually came from a living being. There were no lights turning on from the neighbors and no one walking outside to see what all the commotion was about. Yet, the woman screamed loud enough to wake the dead. So, how is it possible that no one else heard her cries for help except them? That was a defining moment of realization for the Owners. Perhaps they hadn’t actually heard a real woman crying for help after all. Instead, what if what they really heard came from the female ghost in distress? Maybe screaming at the top of her lungs was the only way she could make her presence known. Well, without question, she definitely succeeded and they got the message loud and clear.


The photo on the left is the infamous photo later dubbed "The Madonna of Bachelor's Grove Cemetery" that was taken by Jude Huff-Felz of the Ghost Research Society in 1991. The ghostly apparition is of a lonely woman sitting on a tombstone...clearly appearing as another Woman in Distress.


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